Day: December 24, 2015

Review of ‘Blood Ridge’

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After Jon Sommers fiancée, Lisa, is killed in a terrorist attack, he’s visited by Israeli spymaster Yigdal Ben-Levy who informs him that Lisa wasn’t a graduate student, but a Mossad agent sent to recruit him. Moreover, Ben-Levy wants Jon to join Mossad to get justice for Lisa’s murder by going after the terrorist who staged the attack. After his training is completed, and on his first mission, Jon’s entire team is killed. He escapes, but is captured and forced to become a double agent for MI-6—resulting in a Mossad death warrant against him as a warning to any future turncoats.

Sound exciting? Believe me, it is. Blood Ridge by D. S. Kane is a fast-paced, yet nuanced thriller novel. It’s not overloaded with technical details; just enough to enhance credibility, but is rich with the intrigue that is the stuff of espionage and the people who ply this murky trade.

Kane knows how to tease readers, but not so much as to turn them off. Instead, he entices them deeper and deeper into his story until, like the spider, he has them trapped.

A good read. I give it four stars.