Day: December 23, 2015

Review of ‘Fireseed One’

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After climate change has so altered the world’s weather, populations are concentrated in the northern part of the globe, and divided into ocean and land domains that live in wary suspicion of each other. Varik Teitur is an 18-year-old sea farmer, struggling to keep his farm afloat after the drowning death of his father. One day Varik catches a thief in his father’s seed vault, and with this one incident he’s set on a path from which there is no turning back. He becomes involved with Marisa Baron, a spoiled, wealthy daughter of one of the most influential men in the land domain, who also happens to be an eco-terrorist. Maris entices Varik to accompany her into the hot-zone in the south, which holds the secret to Fireseed, a project that Varik’s father was working on before his death.

Fireseed One by Catherine Stine is an intriguing post-apocalyptic story. A fresh and different look at what the world might look like if nothing is done about climate change, and a chilling look at how human relations might develop. The characters, despite the situation, are as familiar as the guy working in the adjacent cubicle, or your next door neighbor. Stine has an authoritative voice and tells a great story.

Four stars for this one.