Review of ‘The Bookmaker’

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Trent Oster is a small-time bookmaker and debt collector in Huntington Beach, California. He’s also a wannabe writer. When he’s offered the chance to write the biography of Preston Walker, the alleged mastermind of some of the most controversial murders in America, he jumps at the chance.

The Bookmaker by Chris Fraser takes history as we know it and turns it on its head. The characters are complex and the plot has more twists than a ball of yarn after a cat’s played with it. It’s fiction, just keep telling yourself that as you read, but there’s just a tinge—a hint—of veracity to this convoluted tale of one man’s quest for revenge; enough to make you wonder whether or not the conspiracy stories just might be true.

Fraser’s a master at taking known facts, dressing them up in a cloak of fantasy, and sucking you into his tale, and with a touch of humor to ease the tension. I give him four stars for a great effort.


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