Day: December 16, 2015

Review of ‘Courthouse Cowboys’

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When Paige Defalco and her husband, Jack, decided to give up their high-pressure careers as prosecutors in Los Angeles and move to the bucolic locale of Kootenai County, Montana, they thought the pressure was a thing of the past. But, when the poor parents of a young man convicted of murder asks Paige to take his case, she encounters pressure of a kind she hadn’t expected. It’s not the criminals who are a danger, but the courthouse cowboys, the corrupt officials who run the county’s criminal justice system.

Paige soon finds herself excoriated by the local media, under investigation by the State Bar Association, and on the receiving end of threats. Courthouse Cowboys by P. A. Moore is a taut drama that mixes courtroom scenes with backroom machinations that will thrill you at the same time they turn your stomach. Determined to see justice done, Paige and Jack face down the judges, attorneys and cops who have hijacked justice for their own selfish aims.

This is a book written with authority and skill that will make you wonder how much justice there really is in the justice system. I give Moore four stars for this one.