Day: December 14, 2015

Review of ‘Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Books 1 – 2)’

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Sarah Woods is a massage therapist who is becoming tired of her job, and is facing problems with, Daniel, her straying husband. When Beth, her receptionist, is strangled while Sarah is with a client in the back of her shop, she finds herself embroiled in finding the killer. The second book in this two-book set follows Sarah after she’s agreed to work for the unconventional PI, Carter Peterson. When another philandering husband is struck by a car after Sarah’s exposed him, his wife is convinced that it was murder. She hires Sarah and Carter to investigate, leading our part time PI down a rabbit hole of deceit and betrayal.

Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Books 1 and 2) by Jennifer L. Jennings is a delightful addition to the mystery universe. Jennings has created a unique cast of characters and put them in a universe that doesn’t fit the normal stereotype of the genre. These stories deal with adult situations that are only suitable for mature audiences—and, not just in age, but in point of view on life. She takes us into the characters’ lives in ways not usually found in mystery stories, but this is not your normal cozy mystery either. Hard hitting and humorous in places, it’s a perfect book to curl up with along with your favorite libation. Not only will you want to know what case Sarah will take next, you’ll find yourself wondering if she’ll unsnarl the tangles of her personal life.

One of the more entertaining mysteries I’ve read.  Five stars and a warm welcome to Jennings to the mystery universe.