Day: December 4, 2015

Review of ‘The Lady Who Sang High’

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Jodie Lundgren, operator of a marijuana store in Denver, hires PI Reed Ferguson to try and find out who is trying to steal a new marijuana growing process being developed by her brother, Jude. She hires Reed to go undercover in the store, but his snooping becomes a matter of life and death when Jude is murdered.

The Lady Who Sang High by Renee Pawlish is another entertaining offering in the Reed Ferguson mystery series. Pawlish takes the reader inside the growing marijuana scene in Colorado since legalization, and once again demonstrates that Reed Ferguson is the new tough-guy detective on the noir scene. You’ll be glued to your seat as Reed, his girlfriend, Willie, computer wizard, Cal, and the inept Goofball Brothers team up to find a murderer before he or she strikes again. Crisp action scenes, retro dialogue, and detailed (but, not too detailed) descriptions of Denver, strike just the right note as Reed quips and fumbles his way to the solution of another mind-blowing case.

The author sets this mystery up nicely, feeding readers a jumble of clues, some false, some just tricky, and keeping readers and Reed guessing until the very end. A total five star book!