Day: December 1, 2015

Review of ‘A Review of Dr. Phil McGraw’s The 20/20 Diet Book’

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TV’s Dr. Phil McGraw’s book The 20/20 Diet is a guide to dieting for people who haven’t been successful taking weight off and keeping it off. It offers solutions to the seven most common reasons diets fail by combining longstanding strategies with the results of recent research. An easy-to-follow diet plan in three phases over a 30-day period, it offers no quick fixes; instead, it stresses that good weight management is based on developing proper habits and achieving balance in eating and exercise.  Though McGraw is not a diet specialist, and the book is written in layman’s terms, he uses his own experience with weight control problems to illustrate how to achieve success. For those who have seen ‘Dr Phil’ on TV, the tone of the book, humorous in places, scathing in others, will be familiar.

A Review of Dr. Phil McGraw’s The 20/20 Diet by Eureka Books is an excellent summary of the book, and makes it sound like one that is well worth reading. I give this summary five stars.