Review of ‘The Sky Between Two Worlds: Part 1’

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When two students, Kantak Johnson and Harvey Jamison, discover how to make a truly stealth aircraft, they become the target of two hostile blocs, both willing to go to any lengths to control this new technology.

As events unfold, Johnson, an Alaska native, must use his skills as a pilot to defend his country and his people from an invasion force.

The Sky Between Two Worlds: Part 1 – Apocalypse Denied by Glen E. Books is a thriller that you’ll find hard to put down. Exciting action scenes written with a degree of authenticity that makes you ready to believe the technology is real. Books also takes you inside the characters’ minds in a way that makes the plot totally believable. Part techno-thriller, part science fiction, it’s a must-read book for action-thriller fans. Some of the historical background could have been better melded into the dialogue or doled out in smaller chunks, but since it’s the first in a series, I’m prepared to cut the author some slack.

An almost 4-stars, but I’m only able to give it three. Hopefully the next will move up a notch.


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