Day: November 24, 2015

Review of ‘Long Time Dying’

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Dan Bradley and Eva Roberts are private investigators. Partners and lovers, theirs is a troubled relationship on both fronts. Dan, an impetuous man who has trained as a boxer, has good instincts but poor emotional control, while Eva is the quintessential thought-driven person. Both, however, are driven by a desire to see the weak protected and the evil punished.

Long Time Dying: Books 1 – 3 by Solomon Carter follows their adventures and misadventures as they take on cases that even the police find impossible. In ‘Out With A Bang, Dan’s nemesis, DI Gary Rowntree, asks their help in finding his missing brother. They take the case with some misgivings only to find themselves up to their hips in a human and drug trafficking scheme that could leave them both bleeding in an alley. In the second story, ‘One Mile Deep,’ a young eastern European woman needs their help to escape another human trafficking ring, but as they learn more, they find that the young woman is more than she first appears, and yet again find themselves at the wrong end of gangsters’ guns. In the final story of this series, ‘Long Time Dying,’ Dan is just out of prison after being convicted of falsifying evidence against a notorious Russian mobster, and is on a hit list. Eva is asked by their old mentor to look into it, and yet again, Dan and Eva find themselves on the wrong side of gangsters who will snuff them out without batting an eye.

The author has a way with words that not only describe action scenes with a bloody accurate sense of timing and tension, but takes the reader inside the protagonists’ minds, showing their strengths and weaknesses, and their fears in an uncannily profound way. Don’t even think of starting this book if you don’t have a spare three or four hours, because I promise you, once you start reading it, only an earthquake will shake you loose from it.

Each story ends with a cliffhanger. This is a bit unfair to the reader in the third story, as it leaves the reader wondering what happens to the protagonists. On the other hand, it’s probably a good gimmick, because it left me wanting to read book 4.

I’ll be generous and give this trilogy four stars, in the hope that the next book will clear up my questions.