Review of ‘Devoured’

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A series of terrorist attacks in major US cities infects people, destroying higher brain functions and turning people into flesh-eating monsters. By the third day, the infected are disappearing into the shadows because of their sensitivity to light.

Lance York, an out of work IT type, has all the trouble he thinks he can handle. He can’t find a job and then learns that his wife is having an affair with an old friend—just before she announces she’s leaving him. His day becomes darker when he finds himself at the epi-center of the zombie outbreak, and he has to go on the run in order to survive in a city that is slowly being devoured. He’s all alone until he encounters Cassandra, an eccentric artist with an axe and a skill for survival.

In Devoured, book one of the Hunger series, by Jason Brant, the reader is sucked into a surreal world of monsters, both those infected by the mysterious gas, and some of those who claim to be fighting them. Graphic descriptions of violence and mayhem will probably be too much for those of a sensitive disposition. On the other hand, like people who slow down when they approach a car accident on the road—craning their necks for a sight of blood or dismembered limbs—once you start reading this book, you’ll not be able to put it down.

With a cliffhanger ending, it’ll have you wondering when the author’s coming out with the next one.

I give it four stars.


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