Day: November 22, 2015

Review of ‘Written in the Blood’

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In prison there are no secrets. This is something ex-cop turned prison chaplain John Jordan discovers, as he wrestles with his personal demons—a broken marriage, a drinking problem, and the haunting memories of a case he worked when he was a cop in Atlanta. Now the chaplain of a prison in a small Florida town, he has to deal with the blood that always seems to be around him.

Written in the Blood: Volume 1 by Michael Lister is a completely different kind of mystery, one that is not defined by others in the genre; it is, in fact, in a category of its own. Lister, himself a former prison chaplain, writes with authenticity and with a level of detail, both in the physical descriptions and the peeks into the psyches of the characters that is unmatched. You can smell the blood and desperation, and feel the tension from the opening sentence until the final word. This volume contains two full-length novels and a series of short stories that give the back stories of Jordan’s life. The author states up front that the short stories can be skipped, but I strongly encourage reading this book from start to finish.

Lister is a voice to watch on the mystery scene. Five stars to Lister, and a plea to keep ’em coming!