Day: November 14, 2015

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Review of ‘Torch Scene’

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While he’s between cases, PI Reed Ferguson is spending time with his girlfriend, Willie. When Willie’s apartment house burns, and it turns out to be arson, and worse, the body of one of her tenants is found in the ashes, Reed finds himself with what could be the most important case of his life—he has to find the killer in order to prove that it’s not Willie, and stay alive while he does it.

Torch Scene by Renee Pawlish is the sixth in her Reed Ferguson mystery series, and is another well-constructed whodunit, complete with wry humor and blood-chilling conflict. Pawlish is generous with clues throughout this tight tale, but they’re offered in a way that only the truly sharp-eyed will get them. She keeps the reader guessing until the very end. A truly hot story. I give it four stars!