Review of ‘The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer’

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I received a free copy of The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer, written by Constance Corcoran Wilson and illustrated by Gary McCluskey in exchange for my review.
The Christmas cats worry about a herd of deer that are grazing in an area where they can do damage to crops and are in danger from hunters. Told in verse, with colorful paintings, the book shows how the cats find a unique way to help keep the deer safe, avoid damage to the crops, and come up with an alternative delivery vehicle for Christmas.
Some of the verses, especially those that show hunting in a less than negative light, might be a bit intense for some children, and the rhyming is a bit rough in some verses, it will entertain many. Looking past the portrayal of hunters, though, it does show that problems can be solved if one thinks beyond the usual solutions, and the activity pages at the end are nice for helping younger readers learn problem solving.

I give this neat little book four stars/


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