Review of: ‘The Doomsday Kids Book 4: Amy’s Gift’

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Never exactly social, Amy Yamamoto now has more reason to be withdrawn. The world she knew has ended and she and a small band of survivors, the Doomsday Kids, are living a hard scrabble existence, and Amy is keeping a secret. Then, the Doomsday Kids must leave their refuge and embark on a perilous journey to a camp on the Gulf of Mexico, where they might be scattered to the four winds.

The Doomsday Kids Book 4: Amy’s Gift by Karyn Langhome Folan is actually a brilliantly written book that is part coming-of-age, part post-apocalyptic horror. Folan captures the essence of the group dynamics of teenagers overlayed with the horror of a hostile world where everyone else’s hand is turned against you.

While this book is intended primarily for teen and young adult readers, it’s one that older readers will also find interesting. Folan gives new meaning to the term ‘family values.’ I give it four stars.

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