Review of ‘MutationZ: The Ebola Zombies’

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Emma Johnson, a 24-year-old recent nursing school graduate, decides to volunteer to work in an Ebola treatment camp in Liberia. Once there, she not only discovers just how different West Africa is from her home in the U.S., but that the government officials in charge of the camp are conducting secret experiments on the patients; creating zombie soldiers. When she becomes one of the test subjects, she is determined to tell the world—but, can she survive.

MutationZ: The Ebola Zombies by Marilyn Peake is a chilling novelette that could, in today’s politically polarized world, have been ripped directly from the daily headlines. Though short; it can be read in an hour or so; it is filled with rich detail. You can smell the rot, hear the moans of pain, and feel the desperation and desolation of a place where people are not just taken to die, but to be experimented on like lab rats.

This is the first in a planned series, and it ends on a bleak, warning note that makes it impossible not to want to read more.

I give this one five stars.

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