Review of ‘From Away: Book Two’

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After reading From Away: Book One, I had to read From Away: Book Two by Deke Mackey, Jr., if for no other reason than to see how the cliffhanger from book one was resolved. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.

In book two, Dawn continues her quest to learn more about her Mossley Island relatives, and finds herself becoming immersed in the fifty-year-old horror that surrounds the island. Accepted by some of her island clan, but rejected by others, she is unaware of plots to extract revenge on her father for imagined past wrongs, or of the strange beings that instill fear in the hearts of some on the island.

Death lurks around every corner, and there is plot within plot. No one is who they seem in this chilling tale of arcane horror. This is book two in a planned seven book series, and as I expected after reading the first, it ends with a cliffhanger—actually two; Dawn disappears mysteriously from her motel room, and her father’s colleague, injured in an attack and left in a coma, wakes up to strangeness that you’ll just have to read.

I find myself hooked on this series; and, I don’t usually read series. I give it four stars.


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