Review of ‘From Away: Book One’

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Dawn Lesguettes is going with her father to pay a visit to Mossley Island, a home that he ran away from. He has to go back now, though, because he’s in charge of building a bridge connecting the island to the mainland—a project that many on the island, especially members of The Circle, a shadowy group that seems to be in control, object to. Awaiting Dawn, though, is a secret that is 50 years old, strange beings that prowl the sea around island, waiting to attack, kept back only by constant patrolling by her aunt and other members of The Circle.

I received a free copy of Deke Mackey, Jr.’s book From Away: Book One in exchange for my unbiased review. Part one of a seven-part serialization, From Away is a chilling tale of the supernatural, political intrigue, and troubled human relationships. It moves from character in an almost haphazard way as the story unfolds, step by chilling step, and ending with a cliff hanger that makes you want to know more—but, you have to read the next book to find out what happens.

Mackey could be called a modern-day Poe; his skill in painting a picture of fear is without parallel in the paranormal genre. This is a book that stands in a class by itself, full of darkness, leavened only occasionally with a touch of humor. If you’re the skittish type, or you like your stories wrapped up in a nice pink ribbon at the end, don’t read it, because the wrapping around this one is razor-sharp barbed wire.

I give this piece of experimental fiction four stars.


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