Review of ‘Goliath’

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The British airship Goliath disappeared in 1931, on its maiden voyage, carrying a secret that could change the world.

In the present day, when a kidnapping in the Philippines brings historian Jennifer March together with former special forces soldier Ryan Mitchell and his crack team.

Together, they are in a race against time and a mysterious madman, to find the airship’s remains in the African desert. Action spans the globe, and is non-stop in Goliath by Richard Turner. This is a book that would make a good movie, but in order to get the highest marks, some of the clichés and choppy language, as well as the impossible military actions, would have to be fixed. If you’re a Rambo fan, you’ll probably not notice, but having been in uniform for 20-years, I found some of the action hard to believe.

Having said that, I still enjoyed reading it, so I guess that makes me something of action junkie. I give it three and a half stars.


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