Day: November 3, 2015

Review of ‘A 60 Minute Briefing on Islamic State’

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A 60 Minute Briefing on Islamic State by Anne Mortenson is a brief compilation of the key moments in the development of the Islamic State (IS), which has led to it becoming the most dangerous international terrorist organization in the world.

Mortenson’s book uses extensive research to detail the religious background and historical events that led to the founding of IS, and its funding, aims, and actions. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this book goes a long way to dispelling some of the myths about the organization, and demonstrates beyond doubt why it is so dangerous. An easy read, the average reader can finish it well within an hour, and will come away better prepared to understand the often hyped media coverage and distorted political statements about IS, and recognize it for the danger it represents, not just to the Islamic world, but the world at large.

I give it four stars.