Review of ‘Seconds to Disaster’

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If you fly frequently, Seconds to Disaster by Glenn Meade and Ray Ronan is a must-read book. Beginning with the tragedy of Air France flight 447, which plunged into the Atlantic on a flight from Rio to Paris, the authors detail how a combination of bad luck, bad decision, insufficient training, poor regulation, and pursuit of profits at the expense of safety puts thousands of lives at risk, and how they have contributed to the death or injury of an uncounted number of airline passengers. I say uncounted here because the authors point out that injury to infants who are not ticketed, but flying in an adult’s lap are not counted.

After reading this well-documented account of the worldwide airline industry, you’ll probably be afraid to ever fly again. Fortunately, the authors have included advice on how to increase your safety when flying, although, they’re the first to admit—accidents will always happen, and unless something is done to bring airlines under more effective control there will be more rather than less.

This book reads like a suspense novel, unfortunately, it happens to be true. I give it five stars.

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