Review of ‘A Dream Unfolding’

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Hannah Anderson is married to the man of her dreams. When her husband’s brother gets in trouble with the law, the town turns against them, and they decided to move to Arizona Territory. The way is difficult, and enroute, her husband is killed in an avalanche, leaving Hannah to fend for herself.

When Will Colter’s father dies, leaving his Texas ranch to Will’s older brother, Will decides to take his cattle and move to Arizona to start a new life.

The two paths cross as they face the many trials and tribulations of life on the new frontier.

A Dream Unfolding by Karen Baney is a moving story of two people who through strong faith find their way through life’s perils, and in the process find each other.

A fairly interesting novel, it is often hard to tell which character’s point of view the author is writing, and there is an overuse of characters’ names which is frankly a bit distracting. It’s also a bit too wordy in places, providing information and details that add little or nothing to the story itself.

The author shows talent, and with more experience will be turning out some top-flight work. This one, though, is not quite there yet. I give it three stars.


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