Review of ‘Keith Ramsbottom: The Emperor Strikes Back’

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In AD 60, Britain is occupied by the Romans. In the little village of Effluvium, Keith Ramsbottom, erstwhile leader of SORE, Scourge of the Roman Empire, along with his hapless friend, Horace, and the slave girl, Pulchitrude, is determined to eject the hated Romans.

In Keith Ramsbottom: The Emperor Strikes Back, by Scott Pixello, Keith and Horace must learn to be gladiators to save Pulchitrude from a forced marriage to Simon Cowellius, an envoy sent from Rome to check up on Paulinius, the governor of Effluvium. To make matters worse for everyone, the rebel princess Boudicca is still giving the Roman legions fits, and Paulinius’ wife has decided to pay a visit to Britain.

If all this sounds like a mouthful, trust me, it is. In this second book, or episode as the author calls it, in the Keith Ramsbottom series, he once again weaves modern cultural references (did you notice Simon Cowellius?) and language together with ancient history to create a story that is rib tickling funny. There were a few annoying typos throughout the book, but not so many that they detracted one iota from the funniness. I will, though, be forced to lower my rating until Keith expunges those dreaded typoliums from the arena.

Sorry, only four stars for this one.


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