Day: September 15, 2015

Review of ‘Girl Fights Back’

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Emily Kane is an unassuming high school student, and a rather colorless martial arts expert, more comfortable with the boys in the dojo who are her only friends.  When a trained assassin attacks her during a college visit, she learns that her family has secrets that pose danger to everyone she cares about. When her father and uncle are killed, she decides to fight back. Using her martial arts skills she discovers that she has an amazing talent for violence, and that there’s a military experiment gone missing that poses a danger to everyone, and she’s not sure which bothers her more.

Girl Fights Back by Jacques Antoine is the first in the Emily Kane Adventure series. It introduces Emily and her family secret, and in a series of well-crafted scenes takes the reader through Emily’s discovery of her fighting skills and the lengths to which governments will go to protect—or obtain—deadly secrets. Pithy dialogue and expertly written fight scenes showcase the author’s skill and keep the reader guessing from start to finish.

An adventure that will be enjoyed by readers from teens to wish-they-were-still-teens. An enjoyable five star read.