Day: September 6, 2015

Review of ‘Darkangel’

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Angela McAllister is the future head witch of her clan, and she’s expected to bond with a consort by the time she turns 21. The problem is, her ideal consort hasn’t appeared, despite several ‘interviews,’ and her dreams are haunted by a man she cannot identify and whom she’s never met.

Things become even more complicated for Angela when confrontation looms with the rival Wilcox clan, and she discovers to her dismay that Connor Wilcox, is the man of her dreams.

Dark Angel by Christine Pope is a fantastic paranormal romance/mystery, that’s suitable for young adults and young-at-heart adults. If you take away the witchcraft element, it’s still a fun-to-read romance/mystery. The author has created a cast of fully fleshed—though not quite totally human—characters, and placed them in small town Arizona, which is described so well, you can feel the dust from the desert abrade your skin.

I give it four of five stars.