Review of ‘The Witch and the Gentleman’

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Allison Lopez might seem like your run of the mill Psychic Hotline operator, but she’s not—she’s the real deal, thanks to her friend, Samantha, an immortal vampire. When Allison is asked to look into the truth of a young woman’s murder, her life changes, becoming stranger, as if it’s not already strange enough.

The Witch and the Gentleman is book one in a two book series by J.R. Rain. It has many elements seen in the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ TV show, that has a character who can see and talk to ghosts. This is a novella, which means it can easily be read in one short sitting. My main complaint is that it’s over far too soon. Rain has created an interesting character in Allison Lopez, and should develop her more fully.

There’s a bit of a twist at the end that the reader might not see coming, and it’s somewhat entertaining, although a bit derivative.  Not bad, though, for the first book in a series.

I have no doubt this series will get better with time. The author shows great promise. I give it three stars.


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