Review of ‘Veritas: Concubine’

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Shale Veritas has ‘chosen’ Francis Constantine to tell his story. A convicted killer, he was chosen as a young recruit and trained in the art of assassination. Veritas: Concubine by R. S. Guthrie is a dark and twisted tale of betrayal, intrigue and human sadness, as it follows Veritas’ recitation to Francis.

Not a bad story overall, but the end left many, many questions unanswered. As a former soldier who spent many years at Ft. Bragg, NC, I must also point out to the author that Corporal Veritas could not have taken Ranger training at that post, as the Ranger School is in Ft. Benning, GA. It is also highly unlikely that he would have been recruited for Delta Force while still a recruit.

I still enjoyed reading it, errors notwithstanding, because of the attention the author pays to character development. It’s easy even to sympathize with Veritas. In order, though, to build a legion of loyal readers of this genre, the author needs to pay more attention to accuracy.

I’d like to give this book four stars, because I really sort of liked it, but have to drop it to four stars for the military detail inaccuracies. That’s an important element of this genre.


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