Review of ‘Dark Beast’

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Black Beast is the first book in R.S. Guthrie’s Clan Macaulay series, and it clearly demonstrates his skill as a thriller writer. A veritable roller coaster of thrills and chills, with occasional pit stops in the mind and heart of the central character, a common man with an uncommon purpose.

Bobby Macaulay is a decorated Denver Police Detective who lost a leg in the line of duty, but is still one of the DPD’s sharpest detectives. When he’s assigned, though, to investigate a string of grisly murders, he has to face his tragic past—and his family legacy, a legacy of which he was unaware.

When Mac learns the truth of his past, he also learns that good and evil are not just abstract constructs, but a reality—a reality with which he must deal, or die.

Like crack cocaine, one shot of this will hook you for life. There are perhaps too many typos, and Guthrie plays a bit fast and loose with history and culture, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless. I found myself eventually skipping over the glitches and ignoring the historical errors in order to stay in the story. This is not as good as his Sheriff James Pruett mystery series, but given time, I think they’ll climb up beside them.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I give it three stars because of the typos and stuff, but deep down in my heart, it’s a closet four star book.


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