Review of ‘The Vane-Martin Conundrum’

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Frederick Vane and Andrew Martin, long-time colleagues, are experts at making predictions based on events and trends. When the British government is faced with a crisis in the Middle East, and criminal activity at home, that is hard to get a handle on, the two are brought in to develop predictions to allow a reasoned government response. The Islamic State (IS) is mounting a concentrated bombing campaign in the UK, and the British Prime Minister (PM) is incapable of handling the situation.

Police DCI Isaac Cook, faced with a series of random bombings, is led to the conclusion that the PM is the ultimate target, and Vane and Martin come to the same conclusion. While investigating the bombings, Cook develops a relationship with the ambitious deputy PM. Now, the three men, along with the deputy PM face a moral and ethical challenge, do they allow the planned assassination of the PM to happen, or do they try to stop it. Their futures as well as the future security of the nation and the world rides on the decision they make.

The Vane-Martin Conundrum by Phillip Strang is a tense thriller, with all the elements that make it a potential blockbuster film: romance, politics, terror, and religion, all combined in a story that will grab you by the short hairs and not let go until the end. An in-depth analysis of the possible outcome when an international terrorist organization’s goals happen to coincide with the political desires of certain individuals within the target country. This is a down and dirty thriller that you shouldn’t miss!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review, and I give it four stars.


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