Review of ‘The Scythe’

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The mobs haven’t learned their lesson. They’ve tried many times to kill Darwin Kostas. But now, the Russian Mafia wants to take over Toronto, but in order to do so they must appease the Italian and Chinese mobs by offering them Darwin’s head on a platter. They start it by kidnapping his wife, Rosina. What a mistake that turns out to be. Now, the only Darwin can get the mob off his back is to kill them all.

The Scythe, the third and final book in the Mafia Trilogy by Jonas Saul, has Darwin pitted against his most ruthless foe yet, the Russian mob, for whom murder is like a walk in the park. He also has to try and stay one step ahead of the law, often corrupt and in the mob’s pockets.

The language is a bit slangy and cliché-ridden, but the action scenes make it easy to overlook this. The author knows the terrain and describes it well. Some of the action scenes seem incredible, but the essence of good fiction is the author’s ability to make a reader suspend disbelief for a brief period. Saul does that, and does it well.

I give him three and a half stars for sheer chutzpah!


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