Review of ‘Loose Ends’

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Mary O’Reilly was a Chicago cop until she was shot. She died, and was brought back to life, and now she can see and talk to ghosts. She becomes a PI in the small town of Freeport, Illinois—because there are just too many ghosts to deal with in a city the size of Chicago.

When the wife of a U.S. Senator hires her to look into the case of one of her husband’s aides, who died several years earlier, whose ghost is now appearing near the scene, Mary finds herself on the trail of a serial killer who was also responsible for the deaths of several young girls around the same time. The problem is, though, the killer is still around, and now, Mary is his target.

Loose Ends is the debut novel in the Mary O’Reilly paranormal mystery series by Terri Reid.

Reid does a fairly good job of sucking you in and almost making you believe that ghosts could be real. There’s also a good dollop of humor, with Mary coming across as a ghost-busting Kinsey Milhone. There were a few too many typos that should have been caught in the copy editing process, but it was still a fun book to read. Look out Kinsey Milhone, Mary O’Reilly is on your tail, and she’s got a lot of spiritual help!

While I’d love to give this top rating, because of the editing issues, I can only give it three and a half stars.


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