Review of ‘Georgios: Hidden Heritage’

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Young Georgios has always been told that he was destined for greatness. His father is a Roman legionnaire, and his Greek grandparents are wealthy merchants. He lives an idyllic life, until one day, after his father has departed after one of his infrequent and all-too-short visits, Georgios determines to follow him. The 13-year-old embarks on an epic journey that spans a good part of the world as it’s known at that time. During the journey, Georgios grows into manhood, but more importantly, discovers who he really is.

Georgios: Hidden Heritage, by A. K. Fraley is one of the best examples of historical fiction I’ve read in a while. Through fictional characters, Fraley introduces historical figures and events in a way that is totally credible, while at the same time entertaining.

Her fictional characters, in fact, are sometimes even more real than those who actually existed. She makes us feel what they feel and see what they see. This is a great example of history come alive.

I give Fraley four stars for this book.


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