Review of ‘Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari: Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review’

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Sapiens: by Yuval Noah Harari – Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review: A Brief History of Mankind by Eureka Books digs into Harari’s work on the evolution of Homo sapiens from the middle of the food chain to the dominant species on Earth.

This handy little guide gives the key lessons to be learned from Harari’s book, an analysis of his arguments, and a review of the content and style. There is little argument against the validity of Harari’s contention that it was a revolution in cognitive ability, the agricultural revolution, the creation of money, laws, and religion, and the rise of empires that gave H. sapiens the jump, not just over the so-called lesser animals, but also over other hominids, such as the larger Neanderthal.

While Harare is described in the review as somewhat ‘preachy,’ and not all of his theories are fully supported by science, he’s given credit for summarizing human development in a manner that a lay reader can easily digest and understand.

This review makes Harari’s book sound like a pretty thick treatise, but one well worth reading for anyone who is interested in how we got to where we are now—and where we might be headed if we’re not careful.

These reviews are kind of like CliffNotes, but they don’t guide you to answers to test questions or give you hints for papers. They dig into a book, and try to give you some sense of its worth. That they’re unauthorized makes them all the more credible, since you can be relatively assured they’re not just promotional tools. I give this one four stars.

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