Review of ‘Relentless’

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“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”  Sara Grey is a girl with a secret. Haunted by the murder of her father, and determined to find his killer, she takes risks that the ordinary 17-yeaar-old would shrink from. For instance, she goes out on a limb to help a Boggie couple—Boggies being beings that are not exactly human—with the help of a troll named Remy. That’s right, Sara consorts with nonhuman creatures from what most would think was a fantasy world.

When she becomes the target of a vengeful vampire, she discovers that her friends are more than she thought, and even more, that, along with her strange ‘healing’ gift, she has other secrets that even she had not been aware of.

Karen Lynch’s Relentless is a paranormal mystery, thriller, romance—well, it’s kind of hard to really pigeonhole, other than, it’s a really entertaining book. Once you start reading it, I promise you, you won’t put it down until you’re done.

Four of five stars to Lynch for this one.


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