Review of ‘The Shekinah Legacy’

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When it seems that everyone is out to retrieve two relics that could change history, TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her son Greg are caught in the crossfire—quite literally, as those who seek these relics are willing to go to any lengths in their pursuit.

The Shekinah Legacy is the debut novel in the Charlotte Ansari thriller series by Gary Lindberg. The author very skillfully, and over the space of many pages, only adding to the thrill, introduces Charlotte, her son, Greg, who has Aspergers syndrome, but is a genius, but has trouble with human emotions, and her family. As Charlotte and Greg struggle to survive against incredible odds, the reader is dragged deeper and deeper into not just the mystery of the relics, but Charlotte’s history as well.

The Shekinah Legacy is a page-turner of the first rank, the perfect book to curl up with at the end of summer. Five stars to the thriller genre’s next rising star.


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