Day: June 24, 2015

Review of ‘Bloodie Bones’

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Dan Foster, a former boxer, is working as a Bow Street Runner, a kind of deputy marshal or sheriff, in England in the late 1790s. When he’s sent to investigate the death of a gamekeeper, thought to have been the victim of poachers, his valor and integrity are put to the test. Moreover, he has to deal with local superstitions and his growing feelings for a local woman and her son.

Bloodie Bones by Lucienne Boyce is a fantastic blend of history and mystery, with the author merging the history, culture and social customs of the era very effectively into a riveting story. The characters are three dimensional and very real, and you’ll find yourself choosing sides early on in the story—rooting for your side and wishing ill-will upon the other side.

Boyce did a great job of showing the uniqueness of the characters and the language of the time without overwhelming the reader with excessive dialect. A great summer read for mystery buffs. I give him four stars.