Day: June 23, 2015

Review of ‘Hidden Light’

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In the second book of the Ana Martin series, Hidden Light, by Lyneal Jenkins, Ana is trying to live a normal life now that her Siis lover, Gabriel, is gone. But, she has some of the Siis power within her, enabling her to sense evil intent, and when children start going missing, she is drawn into finding them with the help of her witch friend, Maria.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. After reading Night of the Fae, I anticipated a thrilling ride in this second book, and was not disappointed. This was one of several books I had on my Kindle Fire that I read during a recent two-week stay in the Mojave Desert. An interesting venue to read a story like this—it’s hard to go to sleep after being subjected to Ana’s chilling adventures as she fights the Fae, dodges Creed, a crooked cop who was her abusive ex-husband’s partner, and tries to stay one step ahead of the Siis who are keeping a watch on her.

The author has a fine way with words, orchestrating action, both physical and psychological, in a taut tale of magic, evil, and destiny that you will absolutely not want to put down until you reach the end.

Five stars for a great read!