Review of ‘Now They Tell Me: 50 Life Lessons I Didn’t Learn in School’

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If you’re one of those people who think most of your time in school was wasted, as useless—and sometimes wrong—information was crammed into your brain, you’ll love reading Now They Tell Me: 50 Life Lessons I Didn’t Learn in School by Ed Harris.

This is a humorous look at a very serious subject; how our education system fails us all. The author looks at the myths, and mythtakes, foisted upon students in the formal school system with a wry style that will have you chuckling as you nod in agreement with his observations. In the end, you’ll be forced to agree with the author when he says, “Ultimately, we all get our wisdom the hard-earned way, and I hope you are now a little bit closer to achieving yours.”

Kudos to Harris for his ability to broach such a sensitive subject in such an engaging and entertaining manner. A great five star read!

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