Day: June 4, 2015

Review of ‘Blood Land’

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In Wyoming, family means a lot, but land means more. Sheriff James Pruett, the first black man to be elected sheriff in this wild and untamed land, marries into the McIntyre clan for whom land means everything. When his wife, Bethy is killed and her brother, Ty, confesses to the murder, Pruett finds himself enmeshed in the greed, lust, and betrayal that the lust for land and the money that lies beneath it can unleash.

Blood Land by R. S. Guthrie will take you on a journey of murder and mayhem, and a man’s search for himself as he tries to tie together the frayed ribbons of relationships, and come to grips with his own demons at the same time.

A vivid portrait of a land that cannot be tamed, and the people that live, love, hate, and die on and for it, you will find yourself immersed in the competing smells of sweet grass and the iron scent of freshly spilled blood. The characters speak in blunt language, much like the land which is stark and unforgiving. More importantly, though, you’re taken into the innermost thoughts and feelings as Pruett tries to solve his wife’s murder, which is not as cut and dry as first portrayed, and reunite with his estranged daughter.

This is, for a mystery, a quick read, but you’ll find yourself lingering over certain passages. And, the end, while satisfying, will only leave you wanting more. Five stars!