Day: June 1, 2015

Review of ‘Murder Bay’

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Murder Bay, a posthumous historical mystery by David R. Horowitz follows DC police officer Ben Carey after he’s assigned to head a new unit in the 1950s Metropolitan Police Department, based in an old residence due for demolition. While he’s dealing with a deteriorating relationship with his wife, he gets caught up in a murder that took place in Washington during the Civil War.

The first in a series of manuscripts the author wrote before his untimely demise, this is a fine blend of mystery, history, and the supernatural that will keep you reading as the author switches back and forth between 1862 and 1957. Carey finds himself doubting his sanity when he sees ghosts in the old building to which his new department has been consigned. As he digs deeper into the mystery, he finds himself on the trail of a killer long dead, and a case that is nearly a century old—a truly cold case.

The characters, ghosts included, are nicely done, and the description of the nation’s capital during the two different periods display an excellent ear and eye for history on the author’s part.

I understand there might be plans to publish more in this series, and I await them with eager anticipation. I give this book five stars.