Review of ‘The Circle’

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Maryam Bartool, a powerful presence in the stock market, snapped one day and had to be institutionalized. As Patient 128, she comes to the attention of Solomon Lewin, chief psychologist in the institution. During his sessions with her, he is only able to get her to say that she is in danger from The Circle. Suddenly, during one of their sessions, Maryam starts to get her memory back—just as she does, people arrive and try to kill her.

Mario Escobar’s The Circle is a dark psychological thriller that chronicles Maryam and Solomon’s flight to survive. It is well written, suffering only from the author’s tendency to head hop from character to character, often within the same chapter, which at times can be confusing.

This story starts on a dark note of high tension and continues to rise until the startling conclusion. It’s hard to know who the good guys are—if, in fact, there are any good guys left in the world. Kudos to Escobar for creating a world you’ll be glad only exists between the covers of his book, or does it? Four stars.

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