Review of ‘Wizard Dawning’

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In the late 21st century, climate change has caused a resurgence of magical powers in the world, but Sig, a young man in Minnesota preparing to go to college, magic is something that other people possess. But, one day, when his Grampa Thor visits, they are attacked by zombies brought to life by a dark wizard out to destroy Sig. Sig then learns that not only does he have magic powers that he was unaware of, but so does his grandfather and his mother Madeline. To complicate his life even more, Thor give him a magic amulet that turns him into a Battle Wizard.

In all too short a time, Sig must master his new-found powers, or be killed by the dark wizard.

Wizard Dawning, book 1 of the two-book Battle Wizard Sage series by C. M. Lance, takes us on a wild ride as Sig finds himself battled and betrayed, with betrayal coming from a most unexpected quarter. A nicely-told tale for fantasy lovers, set in a world that we can all identify with, and populated by an amazing cast of characters.

I would give it five stars, but a few too many typos cause me to downgrade it to four stars – still a great read.

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