Day: May 17, 2015

Review of ‘Night of the Fae’

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Ana Martin is a 26-year-old who is desperately trying to put her past behind her. She finds herself drawn, physically and emotionally, to Gabriel, but as the relationship develops, she learns that Gabriel has a secret—one that will forever impact her life and the lives of those around her.

Ana learns that Gabriel is a Siis, a creature that can appear human, but that is far, far more than a mere mortal. Furthermore, she learns that she can tap into some of the Siis powers. This makes her a target of the Fae, fairy creatures that were once children, but that are now malevolent beings feeding off the pain and anguish of others, and who are quite deadly. In addition to having to battle the Fae, Ana also finds herself caught up in an ancient battle among the Siis.

Jenkins has done a masterful job of creating alien beings and describing their physical and emotional interactions with the human world. In so doing, she enables the reader to intuit their plane, or planes, of existence. Her depiction of human and non-human emotions is chilling and effective. The reader quickly becomes immersed and enmeshed in Ana’s struggle between her love for Gabriel and her loyalty to her friends.

This book defies genre pigeon holing. It is fantasy, it’s thriller, it’s romance—hell, it’s just about anything you want in a book—a well written story that you will enjoy reading. I give it four stars.