Day: May 5, 2015

Review of ‘The Land Beyond Goodbye’

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In London, Jess Whitelaw thinks she has left her past behind, until a letter is thrust through the mail slot of her flat that brings it all crashing back. Darcy Donaldson, an elderly miner who has figured large in her past, and has played a role in creating the demons that occasionally haunt her, has died and left his estate in the Australian outback to her.

Back in the heat and dust of Australia’s Northern Territory, Jess encounters the past and a present that threatens her physical and mental existence. After being severely injured in a vehicle accident, Jess meets Rose, an aboriginal magic woman, who just might be the only hope of her salvation.

The Land Beyond Goodbye by Barbara Scott Emmett is a profound story of the search for meaning. The author sketches the land and people of Australia with a deft touch, exposing what lies beneath in prose that sings with meaning. A novel that explores the boundaries between reality and the ‘other’ in a way that leaves the reader breathless.

Absolutely impossible to put down once you start reading, and it will leave you thinking of the world in a way you’ve never thought before. I give this a resounding five stars!