Review of ‘Saving Lincoln’

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Beth Wendland ran away from her home in New Jersey, ending up in New Orleans during the Civil War, an actress in a theater troupe that dealt as much in prostitution as plays. When the head of the troupe sells her to a wealthy local brothel owner, she is treated almost as a slave, until she finally escapes. On the run, wanted for a murder she didn’t commit, Beth makes her way to Richmond and the home of her aunt, a Union sympathizer.

Beth becomes a spy for the Union, handled by a young Union officer who falls in love with her. When she learns of a plot to use a wagon loaded with explosives to assassinate Lincoln and his top officers, she risks life and limb to thwart the dastardly plan.

Saving Lincoln by Robert Kresge is an action-filled historical thriller that skillfully weaves history and fiction in a story that has twists and turns on every page, as Beth evades a vicious Confederate spymaster and renegade Rebels in her quest to avoid a catastrophe, while trying to protect her relatives and friends as the Confederacy is in its last throes and Richmond has fallen. Kresge paints a sweeping picture of the human side of one of America’s deadliest wars, and gives us a heroine patterned after the many women who risked all to help save the Union. This is a must-read story for anyone interested in Civil War  history, or who just likes a spine-tingling story.

I’d love to give this book five stars, but there were a few typos and format errors that cause me to only give it four.

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