Day: April 29, 2015

Review of ‘Dividers’

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Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely; and, money is the source of power. When the quest for more and more wealth is added to the mix, along with the insatiable desire for revenge, and a malevolent spirit that has been searching for redemption for 6,000 years is added to the mix, you have a tale that is mesmerizing.

Dividers by Travis Adams Irish is the story of Jacob Calbraw, the wealthy and spoiled son of billionaire Earl Calbraw, and his quest to discover who was responsible for the death of his mother. He has been locked for decades in a struggle with his father who is trying to make amends for his misdeeds of the past, and he finds himself possessed by Thretch, a spirit who has suffered untold deaths as he struggles to redeem himself for a failure when he was a mortal.

This is a story of personal jealousy, greed, and class warfare, as the reader follows Jacob, who struggles to break free from Thretch’s hold. Jacob’s life crosses paths with Kelvin Carver, a Harlem resident whose son dies because the rich and powerful can’t be bothered with a common man’s problems, so they stand idly by while the child dies from anaphylactic shock, causing Kelvin to seek justice through revenge.

Jacob and Kelvin are the central characters in this chilling tale, and with each near encounter, you’ll find yourself on edge waiting to see what will happen when they finally meet. Their explosive encounter will make your blood run cold. Adams has created a future world that is a chilling foreshadowing of what can happen when wealth determines the fate, not just of nations, but those who value wealth above people.

I give Dividers four stars.