Day: April 28, 2015

Review of ‘General Well’NGone in Love’

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When Mendel Krinkle, father of Berel and Sarah, dies, he leaves the two children on their own. Sarah is able to do her father’s work, provided no one knows that a girl, and a Jewish girl at that, is doing copy work for a Gentile firm in London of 1814. One day, Berel, the youngest, encounters General Well’ngone, second in command to Earl of Travel Lane, head of a band of Jewish thieves. After walking Berel home, the General sees Sarah and his heart is lost.

General Well’NGone in Love is another of Libi Astaire’s Jewish Regency Mystery series, and despite its brevity, is an excellent read. Along with Sarah, Berel, General and the other denizens of London’s Jewish community, there is as usual Ezra Melamed, a wealthy widower who is one of the Jewish Community’s leaders, and who spends a good bit of his time supporting the members of his community. All of his abilities are tested when Berel goes missing and it’s feared he has been kidnapped.

The author writes with wry wit and a deft hand, skillfully portraying London’s Jewish society of the period and entertaining readers at the same time. Don’t miss this book! Five stars all around.