Day: April 24, 2015

Review of D.E.M.: Deus Ex Machina

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When a little boy is kidnapped in broad daylight, computer geek Rachel wants to try and help rescue him. When the police refuse to listen, she takes matters into her own hands. The results are far from what she’d expected, or desired. The boy is rescued, but the kidnappers are brutally murdered, and she gets messages from a strange person only identified as D.E. M.

Under threat, Rachel seeks the help of Cam, a white hat hacker, and his boss Dave, and gets comfort from her neighbor, Deborah. Before she knows it, things have spiraled out of control.

D.E.M.: Deus Ex Machina by Lee Ness is a spine-tingling thriller of Rachel’s efforts to identify D.E.M. and stay alive, a story of infatuation, betrayal, and the misuse of social media. Nothing in this book is as it seems, and it’ll keep you guessing for a long time until you’re suddenly hit with one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments.

I received a free copy of this book for my review. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read, despite a few too many typos and grammatical errors throughout. I would have also appreciated knowing a bit more about Rachel and Cam, the two main characters—whose last names are never given. In fact, few of the characters in the book are identified beyond their first names. A minor point, but one that adds a bit more immediacy and credibility to the story for me. Also, this was really two stories. The first one ended when Rachel discovers the identity of D.E.M., and from there until the end we have a completely new—but just as entertaining—story.

As much as I’d like to give it four stars, the problems with grammar and other issues I mention above force me to give it three. I know, however, that this author has five star books just waiting to be written.