Day: April 23, 2015

Review of ‘The Age of Heroes’

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What does an aging hero do with himself when he’s the Last Great Hero? If he’s Rawk, he trades on his notoriety for a few coins and free food, and tries his best to ignore the creaks and groans of a body that can no longer support the exploits of his youth.

I received a free copy of The Age of Heroes: the Last Great Hero by Scott J. Robinson in exchange for my review. Robinson has done a superb job of creating a world that is populated by a strange and entertaining cast of characters.

When Rawk is injured taking down a magical creature that is no longer supposed to be around, he goes in search of a healer—but, not just any healer—he seeks the assistance of his arch-enemy, Silver Lark, a magician who is living incognito to avoid the unwelcome attention of Prince Weaver, who has outlawed magic in the land.

The Age of Heroes is a funny book, but it also addresses the serious issue of aging and the difficulty that active people have with the inevitable result of a body that no longer performs the way it once did.

A fun weekend read that I give four stars.

13 Reasons You’re not as Successful an Author as you Should Be.

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A great video that addresses the reasons people fail as writers: