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Introducing Author Christine Butler

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 Christine ButlerTitle: Breathless (Death Viewers, Book 1)

Author: Christine M. Butler

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My name is Lacy McAdams and I am a Death Viewer, an agent of the highly trained Homicide Viewing Squad, otherwise known as the Death Squad. When a person dies suspiciously, I get called in to view their death. Actually, I get to rewind their memories up to 12 hours before their death.
You’d think that would make solving murders a no-brainer, but there’s a catch. When people are about to be murdered, they get that whole “life flashing before their eyes” thing going on, and suddenly what really happened is mixed with what they remember from their twelfth birthday party.
In other words, a dying person’s mind is a jumble of reality vs memory. It takes training, experience, and a lot of trial and error to get things right. I’ve been at it for quite a few years, learned a lot, and I have a natural talent for filtering out the realities from the memories.
It’s a good thing, because the most important case of my life just landed in my lap while I was at dinner with Brad. It was our third date and judging by how fast he took off, not to mention leaving me with the bill, I’d say he wasn’t too thrilled to be dating a Death Viewer. Maybe I should have mentioned that on the first date?
Chances were good that I would never see Brad again, but the case that I got called in for was one that could make or break Homicide Viewing Squads nationwide. No pressure or anything…


Author Bio:

authorChristine was born in a Naval hospital in Virginia, and while she was staring into the doctor’s eyes as he marveled at her exceptionally long umbilical cord, all she was thinking was, ‘I need to write this stuff down so I don’t forget it.’  Hey, believe what you want, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it!  As soon as she could pick up pencil and paper and get those stories and poems out of her head, she was doing it.

Christine is the author of multiple paranormal fantasy books for both adults and young adults. She currently lives with her children and dog in Greenville, NC. Go Pirates!


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Review of ‘The Words We Use are Black and White’

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Lucy sells weekend cinema tickets in Evian, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Along with her brother Jean-Luc, and their childhood friend, Fabrice, they struggle with learning to communicate with each other. Lucy’s life is complicated by the arrival of Alain, who has come to Evian to escape human contact that has bedeviled him in Geneva. Alain and Lucy develop a relationship that complicates both their lives, and the lives of everyone around them.

Simon Holloway’s The Words We Use are Black and White is an epic tale that shows how words fail to convey the meanings in our hearts, as these hapless characters struggle to make themselves heard and understood.

Holloway has written a profound book that addresses the prejudices and misconceptions that we are often unaware of, and except for a bit of confusion caused by the expansive cast of characters and some annoying similarities in naming – Lucy, Lucie, and Lucien, along with Jean-Luc and later Luc – which caused me to have to re-read some sections to get myself oriented, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I give it four stars, only because the name confusion keeps me from giving it five.