Review of ‘Few are Chosen’

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Not since Keith Laumer’s Retief of the CDT stories have I read science fiction that was truly funny. Now, along comes M.T. McGuire’s Few are Chosen, the first in a planned series of four books, and I can again read science fiction that’s full of ludicrousness and laughter.

Pan of Hamgee is on the run. He’s a person whose very existence is treason, and moreover, he’s personally run afoul of the despotic ruler of K’Barth, Lord Vernon. Not a person known for strong beliefs, the Pan finds that he must make choices and stand up for his beliefs—whether or not he really believes in them.

McGuire has created a world that is totally unbelievable, populated by characters that are all too believable. Sound like a contradiction? Maybe, but it’s what makes this book so funny. Extremely well written, it will have you laughing so hard you’re likely to wet your pants.

My hat’s off to a new star in the constellation of humorous sci-fi writers and five stars for a great read!

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